in a tone

2020-04-10 20:56

... give tone to (=set the tone) 赋予某种情调或气氛 in a tone 一致 in tones of 有深浅不同的...涩的 ... 基于40个网页-相关网页 短语 in a pl...  普通

海词词典,最权威的学习词典,为您提供in a tone的在线翻译,in a tone是什么意思,in a tone的真人发音,权威用法和精选例句等。  普通

the conditisno of the job are stressful, "so when you can ask people how it's going in spanish, it sets a different tone," says supervisor ed carp...  普通

in a tone的意思沪江词库精选in a tone是什么意思、英语单词推荐、中英文句子翻译、英语短语 一致,协调 相似短语 in a tone 一致,协调 in a tone of 以...  普通

tone的发音,in a tone的同义词,in a tone的反义词,in a tone的例句,in a tone的相关词组,in a tone意思是什么,in a tone怎么翻译,单词in a tone是什么...  普通

海词词典,最权威的学习词典,为您提供in a querulous tone的在线翻译,in a querulous tone是什么意思,in a querulous tone的真人发音,权威用法和精选例句等。  普通

definition of tone: marketing: emotional quality, feelings, or mood associated with using a particular product. one of the chief functisno of an ...  普通

短语 speak in a commanding tone 用威严的调子说话 双语例句权威例句 he said it in such a commanding tone, i didn't resist. i flipped open the page...  普通

in a yellow tone,由歌手stefano paolini&zanca&paolini&petretti演唱,酷我音乐网提供in a yellow tone无损音乐,in a yellow tone免费无损拒绝访问,in a yellow tone...  普通
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